Why choose aerial or trapeze yoga

Turning your world upside down, is a fun way to take exercise to the next level and comes with the most amazing benefits. Suspension in the hammock, allows you to engage in the hammock without compressing the spine or putting any pressure on the joints. This is a fun way to exercise and there is an Aerial Class to suit all levels.

Aerial and Trapeze Yoga is a fun experience that will challenge you in many new ways. It combines yoga postures and aerial acrobatics. Students of all levels can learn to fly, flip and flow through aerial yoga sequences while giving you the opportunity to perform inversions and balances with the support of the hammock. The class is a combination of floor based and suspended postures where you are suspended from the ceiling. You will learn to balance with the help of the aerial & be able to move through the class moving deeper into postures working with gravity.

Some of the amazing benefits when practicing Aerial Yoga.

  • Decompresses the spine and creates space between your disks.
  • Eases back and neck pain
  • A whole body workout
  • Deepens Stretches
  • Releases Tension
  • Increases balance and proprioception ( body awareness )
  • Great for building core strength
  • Easier to work on your inversion practice which is good for the pituitary gland and thyroid.
  • A fun way to exercise and the class will fly by.

Some things to consider before practicing Aerial or Trapeze Yoga

  • Please make sure you have eaten at least 2 hours before your class.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your class to allow us to measure you into the Hammock
  • Anyone with low or high blood pressure should not practice
  • Anyone with Glaucoma should not practice Hammock yoga
  • Anyone who has had Botox 8 hours before should avoid the class.
  • Make sure you are hydrated
  • Anyone that suffers from Motion sickness or Vertigo may feel unwell should avoid the
    inversions as this could make them feel unwell.
  • Please make sure all sharp or loose jewellery is removed as this can catch on the fabric.
  • We do recommend booking an Intro class.

Intro to Aerial

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