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When you are brand new to yoga it can feel a bit intimidating walking into a studio & your first Yoga Class.

It’s always difficult to know exactly how or where to get started but in this beginners guide we will give you all the tips, guidelines and recommendations to start your successful yoga journey. Don’t worry we’ve all been there!!

Below you will find some helpful points to get you started & guide you into the class that is right for you. We always recommend you start with a straightforward yoga session and build slowly from there. Once you are comfortable with a few yoga poses & their names, you can then incorporate them into a sequence linking postures together for a workout that’s good for you and your body.


Which Class is best for me?

If you are brand new to Yoga or haven’t trained for a while or just feel extremely inflexible, we would always recommend starting with a gentle practice until you have built up enough strength and flexibility for the more challenging sequences.

This would either be with a Slow Flow class or a Yin class where you will learn to work with the breath and learn the names of the poses at a more sedate pace.

If you are feeling fit, regularly work out and are quite flexible but have never done any yoga before, then you could try the Yin – Yang Fusion which is a fun, creative way to explore the both the yin and yang aspects of yoga in a well rounded and thoughtful practice.

Or if you’re feeling confident then jump straight into our warm Stretch and Flow or Slow flow classes. Both of these classes will flow with movement and breath but are slower & controlled so more suited for people that are new to yoga.

Is Yoga for everyone

Absolutely yes……Yoga is accessible for just about everyone. If you have a medical condition or injury, it can be challenging to do certain types of yoga so please speak to us first if you have any concerns.

Usually, there are modifications for each posture which will allow you to practice what works for you.

However, if you are recovering from an injury or illness, we would recommend & expect you to consult your doctor before beginning any yoga.

If you wish to see a significant improvement in your flexibility, strength, balance and overall well being, we recommend practicing 2 -3 times per week to give you the time to make improvements at your own pace and capabilities. Remember everyone develops at a different speed and its about focusing on what you can do as opposed to what you can’t.

How do i prepare for my first class

Yoga is practiced with bare feet, so we ask you to take your shoes off before entering the studio and leave them in the shoe racks in reception.

You will need a Yoga mat, these are usually provided by The Yoga Bee however due to Covid 19 we ask everyone to bring their own mat and props at the moment. We do sell mats and straps in the studio if you require one, these can be purchased on arrival or you can visit our online shop before arriving.

Props such as blocks and straps are sometimes used in a yoga class, however, for your first session you will be ok without them and we can advise you if we feel you need them for your following classes. For our Yin Classes Bolster are normally used for support and comfort, again these can be purchased in the studio if required.

Most of our classes are heated, allowing you to move deeper into your postures when the body becomes warm & relaxed, therefore we recommend light comfortable yoga pants or shorts and a top for you to move around with ease.

It is best to eat at least 2 hours before your yoga class or practice on an empty stomach. Please bring water to keep you hydrated in class, however we do not recommend drinking too much while practicing.


The studio is a mobile phone free zone as we want you to enjoy your practice without any disruptions.

If you do take your bag into the studio with your phone inside then please make sure it is on silent throughout the practice. This is also so others are not disturbed during their practice.

The Studio is also a No Shoe Zone so please make sure all footwear is removed and left in reception. We do have a secure area for bags and coats on the back wall within the studio, so your belongings will be safe during your practice.

Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes prior to your class starting to get you prepared for your practice. We do advise you due to COVID 19 masks must be worn on entry to the studio, although these can be removed once in the studio on your mat.



Get 2 for 1 class offers

Our offers are constantly updated.

live and on demand classes

We also run weekly Live classes that you can do in the comfort of your own home, all you need to do is set up your space. In the live classes one of our teacher’s will be guiding you through your practice, giving you various cues and modifications for your ability and options for each posture.

If you cannot make a specific class…..Don’t worry as we have a library of On -Demand Classes where you can watch your favourite pre – recorded classes at a time that suits you.


Head to our Studio Schedule page if you are coming into the studio or taking a live virtual class. Register with us and choose your package or single class pass.

If you are taking advantage of our pre -recorded classes to practice in your own home in your own time then head to the On Demand section, register, choose your package and purchase your class.

We do recommend you download The Yoga Bee App from the App store, which allows you to purchase, book and check your schedule there. You can also join our waitlist and we will inform you when you get moved into the class.