First 100 people 12 mth Contract @ £85.00
£85.00 [hc-hmw snippet=”Offer-1st-100-people”]
Virtual Class £5.00 [hc-hmw snippet=”Virtual-Class”]
Single Class £12.00 [hc-hmw snippet=”Single-Class”]
5 x Sessions £50.00 [hc-hmw snippet=”5-sessions”]
10 x Sessions £90.00 [hc-hmw snippet=”10-sessions”]
20 x Sessions £150.00 [hc-hmw snippet=”20-sessions”]
INTRO OFFER -1 Month Contract
(new members only)
£45.00 [hc-hmw snippet=”1mth-Intro-offer”]
Unlimited 12 Month Contract £95 p/m  [hc-hmw snippet=”12-mth-contract”]
Unlimited 3 Month Rolling Contract £99 p/m [hc-hmw snippet=”3-mth”]

Private Sessions

Want to take advantage of a private session? We understand that having a private session allows you to deepen your practice or tailor it to your individual needs. Benefits of booking a private session are for: 

  • People who can’t fit a regular class into their busy schedule
  • People who want to tailor a session to their needs. i.e improve injury, balance, or illness related issues.
  • People who want to develop a home practice
  • People who want to deepen their practice
    or Small group of friend, community groups who want a special yoga class for them.

Single Private Session


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10 x Private Session


[hc-hmw snippet=”10-x-Private-Sessions”]