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About Nicole

Nicole is an aspiring and dedicated yoga practitioner, movement is her medicine. In a short space of time she has completed 4 types of training including Yin Yoga, Mandala,  Hatha-Raja and her most profound style Dharma Yoga in New York, where she completed intensive training.

Her classes are light-hearted yet challenging. She believes to move from a place of compassion and patience, and knows that it is a gradual journey for the body and mind to open up, not a race against time! She will gently encourage you to try something even if you fall down, because its on that recovery where you gain strength and better awareness for your practice.

Nicole welcomes students from mixed abilities as she offers different variations throughout the practise. Her belief is it’s important to explore your body and not to take yourself too seriously – try, fall and rise, it’s all part of the process!

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