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Warm stretch & flow

Warm Stretch and flow brings the element of time into the practice, while adding more dynamic postures for advanced students

This class will flow allowing beginners to create their own synchronized style, while learning postures, how to move, breathe and stretch between each asana. The mind and body connection is one of the main goals when practicing all forms of Yoga, strength & flexibility are not required for this class, however will be gained through regular attendance.

This class will  keep you moving, while building physical agility and improving mental focus, stretch your muscles while building strength and stamina, at a calm pace.

This slower approach allows us to harmonise while opening up the body and calming the mind, bringing a sense of balance back to intense lifestyles. Options will be given for each posture so this class is suitable for all levels of practice and perfect for beginners.

The Room will be around 25 degrees for this practice.