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morning pancakes

This class is as delicious as it sounds! Working into pancakes is for all levels. The purpose of this class is to work into the flexibility, strength, and mobility of everything to do within our hips and hamstrings.

The straddle pancake is useful for restoring pain-free balance to the hip and is vital for certain skill pursuits. This movement demonstrates a full functional range of motion in the joints. 

In the pancake stretch, you are stretching your hamstrings and adductor muscles while contracting your hips and glutes. This stretch hits a lot of key muscles that are good tests for flexibility—inner thighs, hamstrings, and even low back.

The ‘Pancake’ is a much strived for posture. It involves sitting on the floor with legs spread wide, then bending forward and placing the torso flat on the floor. 

For advanced students the pancake is necessary if you’re working towards mastering the press handstand. 

This class is perfect for all levels of practice including beginners.