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mandala vinyasa

Circle the Mat with our Mandala classes, you will flow in a shape to create a dynamic sequence that has you moving around your mat in a circular pattern, much like the shape of a mandala itself. It can require a lot of focus and stamina as you’ll be constantly changing asanas. In this playful practice you will be moving 360 degrees around the mat, softly flowing through strong poses and inversions if you wish, to the rhythm of the breath.  The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body corresponding to the element, and related chakra of the day as per the Mayan calendar. The class will begin and close and with yin postures to complement the subtle and physical body.

This is suitable for all levels of practice, but complete beginners may benefit from going to a slower paced class first. The room will be warm, you’ll work up lots of heat in the body to help you move deeper in your practice.