Yoga On Demand for everyone.

Join the Yoga Bee TV Programme for our exclusive On Demand Yoga videos where you will find a wide range of classes ranging from dynamic practices such as Vinyasa, Dharma & Mandala slowing down to our relaxation & meditation classes – Yin and Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Bee TV is especially designed to suit your busy lifestyle and whatever time of day you decide to practice with what works for you. We have something to suit everyone in our On Demand Library.

We also have some beginner’s videos if you are looking to learn the basics before coming into the studio along with some short tutorials from your favorite teachers breaking down step -by -step instructions for your favorite postures.  

For full access to our library, you can take advantage of the monthly package which gives full access to everything in our library or just buy single classes as you go.

Each month we will be adding more videos, so roll out your mat and join us whenever & wherever yogis !

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