Turn your world upside down

Aerial yoga is a fun experience that will challenge you in many new ways, it combines yoga postures and aerial acrobatics. Students of all levels can learn to fly, flip and flow through aerial yoga sequences and it gives you the ability to perform advanced yoga inversions with ease. You do not need to be a circus star, lifelong yogi, or natural-born acrobat to turn your world upside down!

Aerial Yoga

Level 1

This is the place to begin… Level 1 is designed to introduce students to the basics of Aerial yoga. Students learn how to balance supported by the fabric, position the fabric correctly, flip in the air and turn your world upside down. Finished in savasana in the hammock.

Level 1 is for you if you have:

– Taken less than 6 x Aerial Yoga classes
– You have no experience of mat based yoga
– If you are not familiar with all the wraps and terms for holding yourself in the hammock.

Level 2

So you have mastered the basics, and completed at least 6 level 1 Classes at The Yoga Bee. You’ve conquered your fear of inverting in the hammock. Amazing!…you are probably ready to step into a level 2 class which is more of a flow style class where you will learn how to use the hammock for more advanced and more acrobatic styles. This class will challenge you and take you on a journey fusing techniques together, it’s a great workout and you’ll gain strength and flexibility while having fun with flips, tricks and inversions. Ending the class cocooned in the hammock!

Trapeze Yoga

Trapeze Yoga is a unique blend of traditional yoga postures and principles combined with aerial arts and TRX strength functions. As well as building strength, flexibility & stamina it can also be a cardiovascular workout. Yoga Trapeze can be restorative, dynamic or vinyasa flow and each class will work the body in this unique fusion of body, breath and mind.

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